Yeah, no.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was a one-year, 100-episode series.  Episodes 1 through 3 were a combination of exposition and a bit of plot, and episodes 4 and onward were purely plot.

In contrast, you have Welcome to Sanditon, which is supposed to last what, two months?  Three?  And four episodes in, we still haven’t seen any plot.  It’s a smaller project than LBD was, so proportionally speaking, it shouldn’t require as much time for development.  And yet the team has already spent more episodes on development for WTS than for LBD…

I want to like WTS so badly.  I really do.  I mean, I LOVED LBD with every fiber of my being.  But I’m already getting sick of WTS.  I feel like it’s just the  team trying to flaunt transmedia without actually telling a story.  They’re trying too hard to develop the whole roleplaying aspect of it and not focusing on telling a story that someone who doesn’t participate as a townsfolk can appreciate.